The Effect of Mold on Women and Pregnancy

Mold’s Effect on Pregnancy

Mold has a very nasty, well deserved reputation of causing several health issues in people. It is this reputation that precedes the fungus and causes alarm in both men and women who discover any kind of mold in the home or in places that they frequently stay in. One of the major concerns that people have related to mold is how it affects women, specifically those who are pregnant. In order to deal properly with the presence of molds, it is important to know about and understand the fungus and how it affects people in general and as individuals.

What are Molds?

Molds are a kind of fungus that live well in damp, dark spaces. It is actually the spores of the molds that has a big possibility of affecting human beings. Spores are how molds colonize an area. The fungus grows to a certain time and will develop spores which will be the key to a thriving colony of molds. The spores are sort of the “seeds” of the fungus and when they land in a favorable spot, they will, themselves, grow a colony. Mold remediation Houston residents say, is necessary in order to stay healthy, mentally and physically.

Mold remediation is the management and control of this particular “pest” in order to lead a healthier life. Experts in the field will be able to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have when you find mold in your domicile. In most cases that mold is found in a house or building, the experts will recommend removal or remediation in order to lower the risk of exposure and health issues. As a woman, the risk of being affected by molds is basically the same with a man. To know more about the effect of molds on people, you should learn what makes person more susceptible to the fungus and its spores as well as the many possible symptoms that will tell you that you have been exposed to mold.

Likely Candidate

Some people are more at risk of being easily affected by molds than others. This is not to say that some people will not be affected by molds because it can and will affect everybody sooner or later. There are different kinds of exposure to this fungus: inhalation, touch and ingestion. Inhalation is always the easiest and most common way of exposure. This happens when molds send their spores floating around in the air with a very wide range, depending on the wind and other elements. People who are sensitive to the fungus, whether they are male or female, will experience hay-fever like symptoms due to an allergic reaction. Touching mold directly will also cause an allergic reaction, likely more serious for those who are sensitive to the irritants and allergens that molds produce. Again, sensitivity is not dependent on gender. The same goes for ingestion of food that have mold in it. The very serious effect of ingesting mold is not dependent on gender and should be taken seriously. Ingestion can be fatal to the person.

The concern that mold and its spores can have a devastating effect on pregnant women is a valid concern. It would be very tragic if the fetus will be affected by the mother’s mold exposure. Considering the effect of exposure on women who are not pregnant, there really should be some concern. Despite this, experts have very little to show for research and studies regarding the actual effect of molds on a pregnant women and the fetus in her. It is probably because the risks of tragedy is very possible and no pregnant women would want their fetus to be experimented in such a way. Most of the research on mold and pregnant women and fetuses or babies are base don animal research and on people who are not pregnant. Based on this, it should still be safe to say that there will be some kind of negative effect on both the pregnant woman and her unborn child if she is exposed to mold and its spores.

Removal and Remediation

Mold remediation within Houston, a warm and basically dry city, is still recommended because modern plumbing is not infallible when it comes to leaks or drippy faucets. Other appliances, gadgets and living things might also be the cause of a higher than normal humidity inside the house as well as the formation of condensation, both of which can make your home or building more susceptible to mold growth. In fact, anywhere in the world where mold might be growing should recommend the removal or remediation of the fungus for a better life for the occupants of the house or building.

When looking for companies or experts that deal with mold, it is always better to ask friends or relatives for their own recommendations from their own experiences. Most of the companies have well trained, experienced individuals who can make an inspection of your building, send samples for testing and recommend which rooms or areas to remediate. Being pregnant can be stressful enough for the would be parents, having to deal with a mold colony in the house will not help things. Always stay on the safe side when it comes to dealing with potentially dangerous threats.

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